My fg helmet progress pics....

Halo 1

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Likewise, can't see it. It wouls help if you turn off the personal cloaking device first. :D

Stay safe.


Looks real good! Great Job, Can't wait to see it finished!!! :D(y)


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Oh man! Your making me drool.
I guess I'll have to update my bucket too just to keep up with the talent here. Yep....just what I needed....more eye candy to keep the creative blood flowing in me. :lol:

Great progress!


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Well I've had the pleasure of seeing it up close, the pictures don't do it justice. A lot of detail work went into this that the pictures just don't show. This thing is seamless man!

And it's sanded so much and well that it's smoother than a baby's behind now, liked greased lightning or something.

It's heavy as hell, but rock solid. I can't wait to see it painted :)



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Awsome helmet. It takes a lot of work to do helmet mods, especially like that. Congrats on a job well done!
Thanks for the compliments Phil. I also would like to thank Army Scout for the helmet. I told you I was gonna do some work on this thing!