hmmm ... had a late night last night.. not totally following you :-| let me come back to this later, unless you have some pics?

hey did you get your screws yet? should be today

HAHA! THEY JUST ARRIVED! THANKS! I'll PM you and e-mail you a drawing explaining it better...all you need is a little pressure on that barrel.
Prymer13 said:
There is adhesive about 3/4" into the black barrel that holds the mold of the MPP in place. Think of it as a "plug" of sorts that would be in the barrel if it was real. On the face of that plug is some adhesive think of it in a cut-away as one "U" shaped sitting side of a larger "U" shape.

That is the way my V1.0 Sci-fire was done. Hope this helps.

So all you did was pull out the rubber MPP?
??? yeah, if you can email something,, that would be very cool.

;-) post office comes through finally!!! hope they work out for ya.
I put some pressure on the side of the barrel (picture trying to bend the barrel to one side or the other) make sure its the slightest of pressure though, you don't want to ruin that sweet blaster.

On mine one side came loose, then I just rocked it back and forth a couple of times and VIOLA!
well all i did ORIGONALY was just hold my breath (didnt quite know what was gunna happen. took the gun. put my let up on a chair & then slamed the space where the flash goes into the gun over my knee like you would a stick & it broke right off. but now that i got my replica MPP i was able to take my dremmel & bore out about 2.4 inches into the barrel of the gun. measured where i would have to cut on the flash. & cut the flash. so now my MPP slides in & out. & is simmilar to what the reall webley would be like. it looks alot better than just replacing the flash with a real flash to the 3/4''. my heiland that replaced the rubber one was the same lenght as the rubber one ( 5.1'') but my MPP measures 7.4''. im telling ya it looks alot better than what i had before. but before you think about doing what ive done ide think about your plan for a wile. cause when i did it I was taking a $350 risk. although it was like 2 in the moring so i wasnt exactly thinking bout that. luckly it turned out perfect. ill post some pics as soon as i can get some really clear pics done. the last ons i took looked like crap. so i didnt postem.

i still got that old heiland if anyone wants it. its cut to the same length as the rubber molded one.
My barrel popped right out with very little effort. I just applied pressure back and forth until the adhesive let go. nothing to it really.
well the first color i used was a mix of like 5 different colors to make a bronz/brass color but ive repainted it to brass. ill post updates of this gun when i get some Clear pics made
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