My DP95 with stubborn RF

Airman Fett

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I recently picked up a DP95 on eBay and it is in exellent condition (save for the horrible paint job). However, DP studios appears to have never wanted anyone to remove the right ear and RF from this particular bucket. I want to repaint it and possibly replace the RF with a sturdier one. Can anyone recommend a good glue desolver so I can take this piece off without ruining the part? Thanks.
Make you wear some safety glasses when you do that, I almost got stabbed in the eye with a renegade piece of plastic when I did that.
Finally got the darned thing off. It took a pocketknife, superglue remover, a very small screwdriver, pliers, and about 2 hours of patience. Ultimately I used the pliers to pry it off by sticking them in between the bucket and the earpiece )from the frontside) and opening them VERY slowly. I was afraid the part would crack so I held my breath a lot. I guess hard work and persistence does pay off. :)
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