My Desert Mando

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I haven't really posted any progress on here for my Mando so it's time I did. I'm working on a desert sniper because I've allways like sniping in video games and I spent a year out in the deserts of Kuwait (I kind of got used to it out there) so I put the two together and *presto*

Here's a link to my painted armor, it's not weathered yet but I'm working on it. My armor is made of 16 gauge steel from old Army wall lockers I got from my NG armory, so I guess you could say it's real (but NOT functional) military gear.


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Finally some progress! Looks great so far get that bucket finished so you can start piecing it all together soon.

Kantis Nolef

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uhm..why are the shoulder armor parts different from eachother?

Because one is going to have something like this on it and I needed a flat surface to attach them.


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This is looking like it is going to end up really awesome. Reminds me of this picture I found from galaxies.

I know yours is a custom mando, but I think it is cool when people do different color schemes for Boba; something he may use in special situations, like MOW's Hoth Fett. This could be Boba's special desert armor.

Good Idea!



Very cool and creative idea!

I love seeing each custom Mandalorian. Really goes to show the work and love that people do for their own personal costume. Very nice!

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So here is my sniper rifle. I think it kindasorta looks like it might be a Verp, what do you guys and gals think?


I am going to loose the magazine and add a bi-pod and scope. I was thinking of painting the whole thing desert tan and maybe wrapping it with strips of tan cloth. Does anyone else have some ideas?

Kantis Nolef

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I just bought a used size 46 R desert tan flightsuit for less than $40. It's a bit short in the arms (about 4 inches from my wrist) but that will be covered by my gauntlets (so will the bluish stain on the left cuff). Pics will come soon, my camera is M.I.A. right now.

I'm thinking of adding something like a poncho, kind of like the one Luke puts on as he's heading to the Falcon in ANH. It would actually be split so I could undo a clasp and uncover my front leaving the poncho covering my back like a cape of sorts. Any thoughts?
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