My custom suit i need help on how to attach the armor


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Hi i need to no how to attach the armor to my vest its my custom Mandalorian Suit. Some of it is sort of like Jango Fett and Boba Fett put together in my suit thats how it sort of is. So when it comes down to the vest i got one made but i need to no how to attach the armor i was thinking of using Velcro or Snaps or both at once but i need some help here so i don't make a mistake. So lets see if this site lives up to its name.
As soon as someone replies i'll tell ya my idea of my custom mandalorian armor. Then we can see how good this dented helmet forum really is. I heard of it but we shall see.
You're not 1337 enough for this board. Get lost!!!!
Okay, just kidding. This board really does live up to it's rep just no need to be cocky about testing that fact.

I recommend a combo of snaps and velcro. The snaps anchor the armor down and the velcro keeps the vest material snug against the armor.

Get some adhesive velcro and use a couple of pcs on the armor to get your spacing down. Start with either one of the chest plates or the collar armor. Just be sure it's centered and that the vest is sitting where it should be.

Install the snaps round side against the armor (super glue works well) and the male side on the vest. You'll need to punch a small hole to feed the bottom part of the male snap through the vest to attach to the top side. An alternative methode would be to glue 1"x3" strips of plastic (just glue the first inch) to the armor and install the snaps on the unglued "flap". This allows you to relocate the plastic strip if you need to or if you mess up on your spacing.

Do this one step at a time being very careful to check and recheck your spacing.

Once your done, you can attach velcro squares around the edges of the armor where the snaps aren't in the way.

Knees of course need some white elasticized stuff on the back.

Hope this gets you started at least.
sorry i was picked on as a kid i got to act tough sometimes sorry i am really a good guy. Well are you the Jodo_Kast i no i'm also on the mandalorianwarriors site forum as Allan. Well this site i trust it just protecting my self image thats all sorry for any rude talk if i typed any.
Yeah...just wait more than 10 minutes for a reply...

Also utilize the Search feature at the top, I found several that go into great detail on how to do it.

Yeah, I'm registered at the MW forum but you may be thinking of Jodo Kast (known here as Jodo Kast 3) Though i do recall reading some of your posts on that forum and maybe I am indeed the one you are thinking of. I'm Jodo_Kast there as well.

BTW, welcome aboard!
Look at He has a great tutorial on snaps. The one on his site has photos.

Snap Tutorial:
I just finished adding snaps to my vest and it worked great! I traced around my armor on paper and cut it out (marking which side of the paper armor faces out).

Then, I cut some rectangular tabs of plastic (sintra), drilled a hole in one end and stuck the male snap through. For me, the rectangle tab is important, because I superglue the end without the snap (the tab) to the armor.

Using a blade, I scored (made several marks) both on the armor and the plastic piece in a crosshatch pattern. Then added superglue to the tab, and pressed it onto the armor.

Then I pressed the paper onto the armor (now with snaps) to make a mark on the paper (to know where the snaps are located.)

I laid the paper out on my vest exactly where I wanted the armor. Then I used a pencil to poke through the paper where the snaps should be located (twist it a couple times to mark the vest).

At the mark, use a big nail to poke a hole through the vest. Then assemble the female snap through the vest at the hole.

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