My Chest Armor ! WIP

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A few days ago I recieved another set of great items from Bobamaker, including his great sewn flak jacket, the chest armor and the collar piece.

I am currently working on them now and wanted to sho my progress.

Here we have everything right out the box:

My chest so far :
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Real Scooby

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Thanks everyone :)


Another one, with the chest set completed.

Now off to the collar piece.
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Real Scooby

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I will use velcro to attach it to the vest.

The colors I use are Rayher Decorart Acryls. These are a german product. Their colors fit pretty well right out of the bottle without any mixing to do. I used #454 artichoke, when doing the shoulders I used #164 corn-yellow and the gauntlets will be made with #297 burgundy


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Spideyfett said:
Looks Great...Pretty stop-on to me...nice.(y)

side note:
CAL!!!!!(y) (y) ...Where've Ya Been???

Hi Spidey, got in a band, it consumes all my time now. I'll try to stop in more often.