My BKBT Jango FEtt Bucket! (Pic Heavy!)


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Hey,hey TDHrs!
I thought I'd post some pics for you all to show off my Newest Jango upgrade ! Thanks to BKBT for the First pull#1, Seeker and Mirax H (for the influence!),and whomever made us all the Jango Fett Referance CD! What a project!;)

As noted in BKBT's post "helmet build up" this bucket has been painstakingly detailed and I had to go "Seeker-ised" with all the little things to make it as accurate as possible! LMK whatcha think! I'm in stage 1 weathering now with the scotchbrite pad and sandpaper scuffs! I'll be doing stage 2 tomarrow with the acrylics and water marks!(y)
Got a pic or two of the BKBT compared to my MSH2 ROTJ and more different angels! Anyone need to see anything specific LMK!:)
More pics coming!
thanks for lookin'!








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HOLY CRA........!!!!!:eek:

I think I just wet myself.....:facepalm

Beautiful, just Beautiful.

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Wow, that looks just amazing! I have no experience with the Alcad paint but I've heard it's quite soft? Did you wait untill last to paint the chrome to avoid tape marks from masking?

Anyways Super Job!(y)
Thanks Guys!

BKBT, you started all this man!LOL:)
M_S, I painted the Alclad very last and posted a quick how to in BKBT " Helmet Build up" post! Un fortunately anything that works that well and looks that good has its limitations!, however its resiliance pays off as it is somewhat degenerative! The more you touch it the more worn it looks...unless you topcoat after chromeing that is!;) Perfect for a Jango bucket!
thanks much ,shunned/BH-8899
Totally incredible, very nice work.

Jango Fett Referance CD? Where might one find such a tome of information?

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Thanks guys! I am just about to finish Weathering it so will have more pics to show very soon! like a few days!
Those are outstanding buckets!! I mean, I know this is about your jango...but that ROTJ still imresses the heck out of me! New Jango is awesome too. Now all you need is an ESB:lol:

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