My Ammo Pouch Belt !

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I am almost finished with my APB, based on BN´s tutorial. I just have to find the right grommets and I will experiment with weathering it up a little.

I know, the stiching is a little uneven, but I am fine with that, since it adds, to a worn look IMO.

What ya think
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Nice job. (y) Since you mention the stiching ... it looks a little to close to the edge of the ammo pouch flap. But sill very nice work.
UPDATE : Grommets added, next on my shedule plan, the girth belt.

Thanks for all the comments, and special thanks to BatNinja for his great tutorial.
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Heres my final update to the PBI did some weathring to the vinyl using black shoecolor, aplied with a broad brush.
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The process :confused

Well, there wasn´t really a "process" :lol: Rethinking, its the same method I use when drybrushing modelkits.

You need : Black shoecreme, brush, another tissue.

Open the creme, take the brush, tip it slightly into the creme. Wipe of most of the creme on another tissue until it is nearly gone. Now wipe over the vinyl. Let it dry. FInished in under 10 minutes.
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