My Altmann\'s bucket...


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As I have been saying for years, you never know who may be a member here. A friend of mine bought a piece from Steve a few months ago and didn't even realize who it was until he sent the money. Small world.

As The Dent and the CoC states, everyone needs to be respectful to everyone here. Differences in opinion makes for good conversation and gets everyone's brain juices flowing. If we choose to disagree, then do so with trying to 'one up' the other person (i.e. getting in the last word). We all have an interest in the character and the costume to some degree. Some, like myself, strive for screen accuracy. Others, like Tylerdurden and Brak's, strive for verifiable facts and reference materials. Most are just content with either a cool helmet or a wearable costume. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you decide to be, keep in mind that not everyone at TDH shares your views. Be courteous, don't go out of your way to make waves, and enjoy the info that 1000+ members have offered free for your viewing pleasure.

And thanks again, Steve, for sharing your insight. We hope you join us on a regular basis.
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