My 1st ROTJ Bucket!(MSH2)


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Hello TDHrs,
Thought Id stop in and contribute a few pics of my finally finished
labor of Love...err... detail!LOL:) No really!
I had often thought that doing an ROTJ Boba Fett bucket would be an undertaking I'd never forget nor finish, but I decided to close the chapter and seal it tonight and this being my first attempt I'm pretty happy with the results!
I've invested many hours and weekends sitting in front of my PC and painting from referance photos and came close!(approx. 95%)
It would have been closer, but combination of different photo angels and patience from comparisions took its toll!LOL:) In saying this YES, I know my DENT is not ROTJ accurate and some dents and scrape details are distorted just a bit! I left the dent as a tribute to the maker!(MSH2) I give an honorable tilt of the bucket to Fettpride,Well Paid Killer, and TDH for the inspiration! You all Rock!(y)
Have mercy ,but LMK whatcha think!
Thanks for looking!




Nice paint job !!!, I wouldnt go worrying about little things like dents and the like when you've done such a nice job on the painting side of things.

I'd be proud to wear that do very nice work! I wish I had only a fraction of your skills. In the end it doesn't matter what others think of your long as you're happy with it...that's all that counts!
Thanks so much you guys for the vote confidence! After all the work I've seen alot of you guys do I just had to try my hand at it and this bucket is the staple in my collection! You guys made me this way! Gggrrrrrr!:angry LOL!;)
ROTJ was something I've wanted to accomplish for over a year as I awaited this MSH2 on a very long list!
Thanks much you guys here at TDH!
sincerely, shunned/BH-8899
Rocking Helmet man i'm a fan of the ROTJ Boba and by the looks of it its Rocking great work on the helmet man. :cheers
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