mQ-1 Circuit board Blueprint


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For those that want to try to make your own board, the dimensions are in mm.


MQ1 Circuit Board.jpg

MQ1 Board.jpg
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How would one make an MQ-1 from this template? I'm not questioning it, I'm just a relative newbie to all this...Great job as usual WOF!!!

Hello everybody... I am considering making a test-run of a couple (or, perhaps a handful) of this circuit board with a friend's Epilog Laser. Is there any desire for this object as to make more than 2-to-5 laser-cut options? Should I consider making more than this small quantity? I am trying to find out general interest before starting a true interest thread.

Also, WoF, is this acceptable to you if I do so, utilizing your drawing? I have pictures of the circuit board, but your schematic seems the most logical and efficient way. Especially since it is such a tiny element to the Fett Lid detailing. Your response by PM would be appreciated.

Moderators, please let me know if asking this question, regarding interest, is not a violation of Forum Rules. Thank You.

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For those that want to try to make your own board, the dimensions are in mm.


I doubt there would be much interest in this at this point in time only because castings of the actual board are readily available now, unlike when Alan made this template
For an original Casio MQ-1 Calculator eBay is your best chance, and sometimes you will find some in the Cargo Hold too. But there are resin replicas made by some members, one of them is Will (redkraytdragon). Darth Voorhees used to do these, but not sure if he still cast them or not.
So I see its been a few years since any post on this thread.. I am interested in the circuit board but the files seem to be gone.. or the link anyways.
any response would be appreciated.. ty for all the templates btw..
I'll mention I sell resin casts, if anyone is interested. I think RafalFett posted a 3D model he made on Shapeways that is freely downloadable if you create a shapeways account.
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