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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by GeekdadX7, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Hiya folks. I just went over to MOW's website to take a look at things on a whim, and saw an item he's selling that I was hoping to get some feedback on. Not sure if it's ok to put a link in here, so I'll error on the side of caution and guess that I can't.

    It's his MOW ROTJ Gloves available in X-Large... that are being sold at a steep discount,... and I mean steep.
    In the item description it says they are well made, high quality gloves that "meet today's standards".... but then also states that "... they're not exactly movie accurate they have subtle differences in the overall design that aren't found in the movie version particularly in the stitch work. The movie version gloves were shown with quilted patchwork which was hand stitched. Hand stitching is nearly impossible to reproduce in a large production run today. Instead the quilted patchwork in this variant glove is machine stitched into the gloves construction. The finished product is a high quality glove which meets today's standards..."

    So what I was wondering was.... does "high quality glove which meet's TODAY'S STANDARDS" mean that they'd meet the requirements even though they aren't hand stitched..... or that because they aren't hand stitched that they wouldn't pass 501st muster even though they are high quality.

    If anyone could take a look at them (again, not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to an off site item for sale) I'd appreciate it. I of course don't want to purchase them if they aren't 501st compliant.

    Thanks everyone.
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    History from seeing other builds recently shows that MoW's gloves require reworking in order to pass 501st standards. If you want a glove with no fuss that will pass muster, I highly recommend Mike M. He doesn't do large runs but more frequent smaller runs, and they are excellent quality, comfortable, and worth every penny. I have a pair and I love them.

    I would spend the extra money for them instead. Just my opinion.
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  3. GeekdadX7

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    I completely agree about the quality and price of mike m gloves, would love a pair, but from what it sounds like it’d be impossible. My nephew’s cancer benefit fundraiser that i’m trying to get my suit finished and troop at (501st showed up at his event the past 2 years) is in mid september.

    I have to have my suit finished by then to troop at his event.

    Mike isn’t starting his next run till mid-late july, and said it takes 8 weeks. Too late. Same with major’s gloves. So joining in with a legit “run” from here isn’t going to happen because of the 2 month lead times. /shrug

    So pretty much it’s just hoping someone sells old rotj gloves in the cargo bay and i find them first, or deal with man of war gloves.

    Would suck if i get a fully approved suit ready but get shafted with gloves of all things lol :)

    Still, it’s for my nephew’s cancer thing, so I honestly don’t care if i show up with gardening gloves
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    Fair enough!

    Rock and hard place situation. I see why you wouldn't want to buy something non-compliant. Those gloves can be if reworked and lightened.

    If it's a huge discount, there's no harm in having them to make your time constraints. That being said, I was offered a pair for free to make up for another delay in my boot shipment that still hasn't shown up yet. (The boots did though)

    It would suck to order a lesser glove and not have them show up in time anyway.

    Maybe there is someone who lives in the geographical area who could temporarily loan you a pair of gloves for your troop?
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    I recently ran into the MoW snafu as well. I find it disappointing that the gloves only recently felt to scrutiny. Turns out the index fingers have white pads the whole distance around the finger, but requirements say it cant be that way. Also, the gray is too dark. Of course you would never know this from reading CRLs, you need that club errata fine print to make you truly feel cheated.

    It feels like MoW suddenly lost lots of business because of the changes too. 501st says suit has to be one piece, MoW is two. Suit is also one size, lacks specific fit unless you get lucky, and the vest velcroes down the sides/back and not down the middle. Even so far as the Cape having the stripe stitchedin disqualifies it for level 2.

    For a costume that's almost 50 years old, the recent discoveries and updates really put a damper on my build, and the changes occurred mid build, past purchases, past construction, and past painting. There was no way I was going back. Just decided to upgrade new items, and I hadn't even made it to application...

    Funny thing, there are plenty of open star wars events where unapproved Bobas show up for hire. A true mercenary with no club affiliation, haha.

    The alternatives to MoW take 3-5 months IF you make it on the wait lists and have the pockets for them. Cargo hold part outs are an easy way to fill the wait time if you're fast enough to catch a post, or craft your own set.
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  6. Builder

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    I don't know if you'll be interested but here goes.....
    We found the wait times for gloves to be long even three years ago when we started our build. I could see that the MOW gloves were too dark so passed them by anyway.
    Didn't think they would pass 501st approval....So what to do?
    First we got some tackle twill material to match the vest. Then some white military parade type gloves(most any white fitted glove will do). Use black Rit Dye to dye them to the gray you want (keep checking and remember they will look darker when wet).
    Go on line and look up -ladder stitch (also called invisible stitch)-It's easy to learn and probably what they used in the movie. Pattern two pieces for each pad on fingers and hand..and machine sew them
    together- Inside Out. Turn them outside out and put a little padding in them. Pin and ladder stitch them to the gloves.
    I know this sounds like a lot but but if I can learn, and it's just one stitch at a time, anybody can. At any rate it will take less time than waiting weeks or months for someone
    else to do them with the wrong stitch anyway. If you know someone who sews...enlist them to do the took me about 20 min.a pad on average.
    There is a picture of my attempt on the first page of my sight and of course in the costume shots. Give it a try they'll pass...Good Luck.
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  7. Builder

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    Here's a picture with my pattern and the pieces inside out ready to be machine stitched. After stitching trim the excess material (not too
    close to the seam) and turn the outside back out. Add padding ,machine stitch lines on the back of hand pieces, Ladder stitch all to the gloves. This was my first try and they look pretty good with hands in them.

    DSC_7304.JPG DSC_7503.jpg
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    Thanks for the advise guys, appreciated

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