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Jr Hunter
Hello all,
I've been on the forums for a while now, watching and learning while I've been building a custom mando. I wanted my mando to be very Boba-like so I would be recognizable on troops. After gaining some costuming confidence and seeing the amazing work from people on this site, I took the plunge to start my own Boba build.

I decided to go with ESB because I like the helmet paint job and the more uniform look of the outfit, plus the sweet flamethrower! My intentions with the build are to eventually get MMCC and 501st approval and troop with the costume. I'm going to get good stuff and be as accurate as I can, but with budget being a big factor, I'm not going for a 100% "as seen on TV" original parts. Oh I should add I'm going to try to paint this all myself to save credits, so hopefully it'll turn out well. I also plan on doing upgrades along the way, especially for metal greeblies or flashy lights and smoke.

I'm finally getting ready to start my build and I want to catalog what I've purchased and who the makers are and eventually add the prices as well just for my own interest to see how much this costs. I didn't keep track on my other mando, so I'm curious on this build.

So far, I've ordered the following:
DVH Helmet by Darth Voorhees
MOW Gloves by Man of War Studios
Woodland Cape
HotPockets chest light
Decals for helmet, shoulder and jetpack from Lucksy31
Stencils for killstripes and chest emblem from Fettology
Jetpack harness from Bigdane
Braids from woodman
Girthbelt second hand from another TDH member
Diver's buckle from full metal fett
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Jr Hunter
Ok so my DVH helmet arrived this week and I pulled everything out and took pics! So here's what I've got so far:
View media item 8725View media item 8722View media item 8721View media item 8719I've got most of the metal upgrades for the gauntlets, knees and collar studs. Planning to eventually get an RF upgrade with servo and lights, but that'll be a ways down the road.
I think my next big acquisition will need to be soft parts so I can start putting the armor together.
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Jr Hunter
Still just gathering parts for this. Got a harness, braids and girth belt from another TDH member back in January. Just ordered a diver's buckle from full metal fett today.

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