MLC Sidearm Paintup Help


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Hey guys

Got my MLC sidearm but really need a few tips on painting it up, is there a universally recognised colour? Any help is appreciated
this one is also MLC, but I don't really know who painted it...

I'm not sure, bu I don't think that's am MLC...It appears to *possibly* have the NINTENDO Zapper as the base firearm. Here is what I have:

ALSO...I'll see if I can find out the colors used...

I just received my MLC and Yes the upper photo looks nothing like the one I got. I'd say zapper too. It looks great though.
But any painting info would be great!!
Also MLC's holster will need the snaps & straps added any insight into this for those who may have done it already?
I've looked at the photo album of MLC's finished set and he has rivits, but I like the snap detail.
Do you think Gorilla Glue would adhere it well enough?
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