Mirax and Braks Buddy Photoshoot - Boston


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Hey folks, just a head's up. I wanted to break the official news that after much planning and anticipation, a Mirax and Braks Buddy photoshoot is happening up in my neck of the woods this weekend in the Boston, MA area! I can't tell you how excited I am to have Kristen and Art come to our home turf and hang out. Special thanks go out to Brian, TK-7602 for picking them up at the airport tonight, putting them up at his place and to providing the space for the shoots. This is going to be simply awesome!

Stay tuned for some amazing pics! :)
"she said I think I'll go to Boston...I think I'll start a new life, where no one knows my name..."

sorry good song...so Boston eh....hmmmmm dont think i can make this one...But im ready to see you crazy bostonians costumes...
Well darn, if I had more notice I could have maybe planned a trip to Boston. Oh well, maybe next time
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Well crap, if I had more notice I could have maybe planned a trip to Boston. Oh well, maybe next time
:cry I was going to try and make the drive out to Boston too. A little more notice and I could have made it. I've got a 4 day weekend because of election day and it would have worked out good. :cry
I would have loved to visit Boston around this time woith what y'all got goin' on. But darn it ... it's almost 3,000 miles away, and I'm in the height of my training for the rating I'm going for.

Please post some of those pics that Art takes ... I already know they're gonna be amazing!:cheers
7602's pics





tusken raiders...

:wacko:eek::wacko Holy cow! Those shots are amazin' ... thanks a bunch for postin' them! Art has done one amazin' job once again!:cheers Keep
'em, comin' fellers! I know y'all got more!(y)
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Sorry guys but shoot time was limited and we filled up all the slots with local folks. We might end up having Art and Kristen out here sometime next year to do it all again.

Those pics are incredible Art! Absolutely amazing. See you bright and early in the AM for my shoot! ;) You guys want coffee?
My goodness! I have got to hear some details on that Vader right there! I was wonderin' if it was JD 'cuz he's got the ROTS Vader in the NEG if I'm not mistakin'. I'd like to hear how the cape got the way it was pictured ... VERY cool!(y):cheers(y)(y)
yup the Vader and the clone are of me...awesome work guys! thanks a bunch...hope to see you again for my bikerscout!

as far as the cape being up...thanks to kristen and webchief!

here are some of my favorites from tonight



I call this "Clone Trooper get the first E-11 Upgrade!"

and some of my favorite Vader shots....



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