Metal to styrene adhesive?

Shinobi Fett

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Say folks who are much more informed than I,

General opinion time, what's the best adhesive to bond styrene to Metal? (i.e. the piano hinges to the underside of my gauntlets) Anyone share some thoughts as to how they did this, if that's the method they used.

p.s. My Fett's been on hold, 'cuase I had a little clone last December, but I'm shaking the dust off and getting back into it!

i used a 7 minute epoxy, i just had to clamp it for 10 (to be sure it set) and then let it sit over night and it bonded really well. (y) (they were pretty sturdy right after the ten minutes so it does a quick job of attaching the hinges)

Dha Syntir

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I bought some Goop after reading about it here and there and I wasn't impressed. I just tried it out on a clean section of hinge, "gooping" it to a scrap of Sintra-also cleaned well. I did everything one is told to do when you're glueing something together for keeps. I left it clamped together for the 24 hours and it came apart easily. Now I tried this twice so far, the first time with Plumbers Goop, the second with Craft Goop. Am I using the wrong kind (I knew I was with the Plumbers Goop) of Goop? I even tried another type of adhesive simply called 'Welder" that i picked up at Walmart, and it worked about the same as the others. I'm just thinking of going back to messy and inconvenient epoxy or even hot glue...