Metal armor boba fett

shade 99

Hey guys! Ill show u guys when im done, but im just making a real boba fett. So im losing my plastic parts and making them from metal, even My helmet. I thought that was a kinda of a neat idea so i thought id share it with all of you. Does it sound cool?
IF you can do it it then it sure, just remember that it's going to be hot and heavy and you're not going to be able to spot the difference between it and good quality fibreglass in apearance alone.
here they are the pics arent the best quality. that i apoligise.




I think you've got something there, Shade. I like the idea of metal armor, it could provide real protection should the need arise.
I must ask this, tho: why is your vest green in the corner?\

Keep up the work, and never lose hope, unless your wallet, stomach, or children's mouths are as empty as a taun taun's head.

The bonus to using metal, from my experience is that it is better looking battle damage. It gives it that cool effect. But, it does have its minor drawbacks of being sharp!
Zurath Kodul said:
it could provide real protection should the need arise.

sorry to ask, but what the h*ll do you plan on encountering while trooping :confused

as for the armor, looks ok shade_99.
Lol, you'd be surprised. One event I was in scout armor, at a High School football game, first we got rushed by a bunch of teens and pretty much close to tackled! Than 2 kids were throwing rocks at us.
RBF said:
sorry to ask, but what the h*ll do you plan on encountering while trooping :confused
I'm thinking something like this: idiots that think it'd be cool to kick you in the crotch, some that believe that the armor might be able to take the blunt of a pellet/BB gun, then there are the ones like Saxter mentioned. with the tackling and the throwing and the glaiven.

What kind of metal did you use? I was planning this as well, but a larger, different design.

Please let me, and everyone else know :D
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