Master Replica Pinch Fix "How I did it!"

Beau Nidle

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Wow, that's a really great tutorial! I've kinda wanted to buy the MR for a while now but the pinch has put me off. I think I may think again. :)


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Hey guys, I have a noob questions for ya! I am very aware of the details related to TK Armor, but new to the BF detail. I just bought a MR and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I saw this "pinch fix" and wondered two things;

1. Do all MR buckets have this narrowing, because the one I ordered didn't seem that way in the photos (guess I'll know soon enough, but thought I'd ask)

2. Someone posted this link as a shield replacement. **Here's the noob part** Is the shield actually green tinted similar to TK lenses, or is it grey or black? I wanted to order my new shield while I'm waiting on my MR to arrive, but wanted to order the correct type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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*soon to be BF
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I just finished the repair to mine with this tutorial, I went another step and drilled the holes out for the screws on the new visor and then replaced them with ones that are about a 1/16" longer, excellent results.

W34payton, can't thank you enough for posting this!


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I am waiting on getting an MR helmet from a member here and I'm pondering doing this. I am a bit concerned about realigning the helmet causing it to stress fracture over time. Any thoughts?

By the way yours looks great :)


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Here's a stoopid noob question: If MR laser copied an original in the archive like they say, why is the visor not right? Is the original "pinched" too?

I was going to make the MR helmet my first purchase to get started on a Fett so what else is wrong with it that I'll need to fix?

So, I stopped being a lazy dope and found a thread that covers the topic of why the pinch is there, very interesting!
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HI all!
I'm a new member here and I'm planning to go for a Boba costume.
But ofcourse I have some questions, In ROTJ Boba Fett have a helmet with red straps and a difrent RF then in ESB, but on all other pictures then in the movie you see a ROTJ costume with ESB helmet, on Star Wars Exhibit it's a ROTJ costume with ESB helmet, on TK-409 he have pictures on a ROTJ costume but a helmet with yellow straps and a ESB RF look a like. And I have find some pictures on and wookiepedia too.
I am really confused, what is the helmet for Boba FETT, I know that he have diffrent helmets, but why dose some use the ESB look a like helmet for a ROTJ costume is it wrong or right?


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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the kind words. I took some more pics of it tonight. I would just say if you're going to try this, just take your time and treat the paint gingerly. :cheers I love this helmet!!!







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Do all of the MR helmets have the same pinch in the mandibles? The ones they show up for sale on the internet don't seem to have the "pinch"?