Mandalorian Pilot Project


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Love the heavy armour. Inspiring.

I think you hould make some sort of rubber wrap, with some tech, to wrap your cuffs at your boots. The tie in from boot to pant is always a tricky thing, but really completes the armour. And you have one heck of a set of armour.


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Yes. Now I'm using this helmet for trooping so I want to prepare molds for this helmet after summer. If you interested in this helmet just be in touch :). Now I'm preparing molds for jetpack and finishing wide set of parts for my T-rex helmet. It will give wide range of options e.g. mirrored ears (right and left).
And now I have for sell T-rex helmet in dented version and "clear" (without dent) :)
Soon I'll publish all news !


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Small update - first step in modification of harness (I used real parachute harness SW-5). It will be fixed, trimmed, etc.




BTW. Miłosz is growing up and his BF costume is almost too small for him :D


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Your work is amazing. I'm just getting started and would love to put this kind of detail into my stuff. Are there any guides you've used, or just skills you've learned over the years?


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May I ask how you attached the hoses to the back of the helmet? Or anyone else have a good way to attach hoses to a helmet without using magnets? I considered cannibalizing a cartridge respirator for the connectors, but I'm curious about what other people are doing.


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This is some killer work. I really love the look of that bucket and your ability to turn all those miscellaneous parts into an amazing looking portable turbolaser is incredibly impressive. Keep it up!