Mandalorian Pilot Project


Jr Hunter
Hi !!
I'm Peter from Poland.
My first project of mando costume I realised 1 year ago for my son.
So it is time to make costume for me :). What do you think about my project of mandalorian pilot's helmet?
I made several versions:

The idea was to not change much in the shape of the helmet.
I think about doing in the future a pilot Mandalorian costume. The inspiration for me is this picture (love it):

Author - TheGrandDuck
Of course, my costume will be my own design :)


Jr Hunter
here is my project of chest armor with a helmet. I still used TheGrandDuck's drawing, but I will use my own photo in the suit, and anti-g trousers to impose a draft piece of armor,etc.
In the draft of chest armor - it is my combination of the shape of the clone chest armor with the shape of the mandalorian chest plates.
A helmet is a slightly modified version of the 1. As often happens that the first idea is usually the best :).


I bought for this project:
- Khaki Suit - Bundeswehr
- British anti-g trousers Beaufort MK4
- British holsters with tactical braces.
This will be the basis for the whole costume
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Jr Hunter
O_O wow thats the best pilot concept i've ever seen and i've seen at least two toher projects,i think people will strugle to top that.


New Hunter
Wow, I REALLY like those armor plates, especially how it looks like a combo of bulk armor and tech stuff. I really like the helmet as well. That's gonna look SWEET when you're done.


Jr Hunter
Thanks guys.
I am still at the design stage. Soon I will start to build a costume. I still have some cool ideas on the part of the equipment. I want to use the most easily modified part of mando armor and clones. I want the costume to be associated unambiguously with the world of mando and the period around the period of the clones.


Jr Hunter
I put parts of armor on the photo of me (below) in the german bundeswehr jumpsuit and RAF anti-G trousers (for BAC Tornado) + tactical harness (fragments visible on the shoulders). Of course, in this moment without blaster under arm, belts, gauntlets, something on legs, etc. But I will complement the visualization. On this picture it is not visible - the anti-G pants have (on the back) many places lacing to closely fit the body. The visual effect is amazing.



Jr Hunter
The first phase of the pilot's helmet modifications.
The white frame yet unworked but gives an overview of how the viewfinder will look like . It is almost invisible in the picture but this item is back 1mm of the outer edge. The upper part of the helmet is not yet modified.



Jr Hunter
Next step of modifications
The main panel is fastened with screws. It is possible to take it off for painting.

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Well-Known Hunter
What an awesome build, Peter! You have some mad skills with modelling and casting. I like what you did with your son's Boba Fett suit and I love your Boba Fett helmet project(s). You are a true talent! Just keep up your great work!