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Hi everyone,
I'm a newly registered user to TDH and this is my first post (don't worry, no home made mando underpants on sale here) and I was looking for some suggestions from such and illustrious group.

In a couple of weeks I'm heading to the ski-slopes (its winter here in the southern-hemisphere) and I had the idea of the century - albeit alcohol induced. I've begun converting my earliest (and least valuable) set of Boba armour for use on the slopes. Hopefully this will win me the costume prize for the trip (it’s a uni/college trip) and allow me to bask in the free alcohol that ensures.

My question is: What kind of modifications do people suggest I could make to
1) make it look more like a extreme-climate suit
2) not detract hugely from Boba's style (keep in mind that this is still essentially going to be Boba not a custom)

At the moment I’m thinking of scrapping the gauntlets and jet pack :)eek: I know, but they restrict movement somewhat) and adding some thigh and shin armour.

Please people, your thoughts?

Note: In case I didn't make it clear, I AM going to ski in this. I'm a pretty flash skier but even still, I'll restrict myself the easy/intermediate runs.
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Actually I thought I better also point out that I'm not some kind of lunatic who'll probably die from the cold half an hour in. I'm dead serious about this. When I say convert, I mean attach to actual ski gear, every thing is functional and warm. Please don't be put off by the... insanity of this idea at first glance.


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You could use only the top halves of guantlets, would make your arm easier to move. Maybe just velcro or rivet them onto your sleeves?

Figuring as Boba's suit is supposed to be "spaceworthy" I don't think much modification could be done in the way of extreme weather.

If it were me, though, I would go with a "Hoth inspired" look by repainting it a dirtied up white. But that's just me.


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Point taken, I meant more in the way of accounting for the differences in colouring in some of my ski gear. Whilst the jacket, etc is still grey its obviously not the same colour as the films - i.e. better to make the changes look deliberate rather than unavoidable.

As for the white, I'd love to make a white mando custom, although this may not be the safest idea on the mountain;), would be great for jumping out at people with though:lol:.

Now that you mention it, how space worthy is Boba's suit anyway? I was under the impression that it is wearable in space for no longer than several minutes, which suggests that the cold (and naturally a lack of air) would be a problem.

Thanks for the tip, your armour looks sweet!
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I'd suggest making your armor out of that dense foam that athletic kneepads are made out of, especially your chest armor and cod armor. You wouldn't want to do a face plant on the slopes and impale yourself on a piece of fiberglass/sintra

Same for the helmet, you could easily get the Boba point across with a cheap vinyl Rubies helmet, rather than having a dangerous, brittle, more expensive helmet.


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I would doubt the use of a rubies for the helme. WHat you could do for the helmet is modify one of those triple eight helmets, use it as the dome, so that no matter what happens to the rest of the helmet, you'll be happy to know your head will still be protected enough.



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Thanks for the suggestions guys, especially about safety. But I'm well aware of the risks and will only be doing this as a 'one off' and won’t be doing anything stupid... well, stupider. If I planned to make this a more permanent suit I would absolutely use that pad foam, that's a good idea.
But please people, I'm after suggestions for making it look cool, anything I like the sound of I'll make and post pics (I'd show pics of my progress but I think everyone has seen enough Boba armour and this is nothing new yet)

Although, these suggestions for making a practical ski suit (particularly the helmet) are intriguing to say the least, I may adopt this as my project when I get back.