Mandalorian Concepts

Adonian you crack me up! And Skip I like the fat one too, he may be big and bulky but he's also got heavy armor and weapons that can kick serious shebs!


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This is my "original" idea, The Steampunk Mandalorian. I actually came up with this design a while ago and then found out that there were a lot of these out there. :rolleyes



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Yeah, Steampunk is growing. I like this one better than others I've seen. You kept the "T" shape in there for the visor but added the round cutouts for the steampunk look.

I like the button effect on the chest plate too. The fin on the lid gives him a Rocketeer look. Nice!!

Stunning work again bro!


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hey dude I don't know if I've told u or not, but ur work is pretty awesome... Ad'ika and I've got ur back over on devart ner vod... btw, I messaged u over there but I'll throw it up here too... I'd like you to do some of that fine artwork for me when u get a chance.


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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I did this art in a 3D rendering program (D/S). Thought I would share it. It is not all that custom other than the paint job. Which is based off of the U.S. Navy's new Digi Camo uniform pattern. Yes I am a Enlistedman.

Tribute Mando.jpg
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man i luv all ur concepts and i was wondering if i could use ur picks 4 the vinel im doing on my jeep its three sides let me know if its kewl and again ur amazing at thes pics
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