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I posted a similar thread in the soft parts section and I think it went over some heads. They were probably thinking I was talking about martial arts weapons...;) I know some of you may be thinking about creating a Mando belt spat, more commonly known as a Kama for your customs. Have any of you gone ahead and made your own already, or are you in the planning stages before sewing it? I've been drawing different designs, trying to stay away from the ARC Troopers style kama and do something kind of like Demagol's kama in KOTOR issue 10, or something along those lines...I'd love to see some of your designs and any finished products you may have created or future designs you plan on making. Could you post them here for everyone else's benefit as well? I think I'm going to go for a faux leather/vinyl one due to the cost of messing up an expensive piece of leather. I should have gotten my butt deer hunting this year so I could have tanned the hides, dyed them and used them for my kama-alotta work but it's my favorite price!:lol: Have a great day guys, and thanks in advance for any kama pics you may choose to post!


Not the best of pics but it is the only one I have at this moment of my Kama (I'm the one in the background, that is my wife in front of me). It is attached to my tunic so it is one whole peice instead of something that is attached to a belt. I am also planing on making a Kama style tunic for my Sith Master.
How the heck did you get lucky enough to find a wife who is also into Star wars enough to go trooping with you???I thought that was a quest worthy of King Arthur, finding such a woman...:lol: It looks like your kama is just above the ground right? Or is that a cape or cloak over the kama? Either way it looks pretty cool. Is yours all in one piece, or do you have two seperate "panels" for lack of a better word, that from looking at it would give you a greater range of motion. Kind of like the ones worn by clone commanders in ROTS (which is on tonight on HBO again:D ) or at least that's how i picture mine, in two seperate panels...

Dah, I just wanted to say thanks for giving me an idea on how to cover the laces of my boots. When I saw the title of this thread the first thing that came to mind were the spats worn by WWI and/or WWII troops that covered their boot tops. I know that's not what you were talking about but it helped a lot.
I'm actually considering a kama. I've been looking around at different vinyl, and since my belt and holster is going to be all leather, a vinyl kama isn't going to look good. At least not good enough for me. :lol:
I just got done looking at some leather at the Tandy website, and I think I've found some good, inexpensive options. I'll probably go up to the local Tandy sometime this week or next and see what they have compared to their website.
I'm thinking a 2 or 3-panel, overlapping kama. I'll be drawing up some designs tomorrow.
Dha, It was a great stroke of luck on my part. She is almost as crazy or maybe a bit more than I am. She did all the sewing work on both of our mando's as well as our Dark Jedi and Sith.

As for you other questions. Yes it hangs about 5" off the ground and is one peice. When stretched out it is about a foot wider on each side than my body which allows for complete movement and is very comfortable to wear. The front part is split into two parts, one going down each leg that allows for better movement.

Hers is made as a quasi skirt that is a bit longer in the back than in the front.

Here is a shot of hers that shows her tunic as well as my Dark Jedi. She did all the sewing.

Another idea to cover the laces of your boots would be to look into a set of shinguards. My wife is wearing a set of paintball shin guards that cover her boot tops as well as add a layer of armor to her lower body. I am wearing a set of baseball catcher's knee and shin pads. They hide my laces as well as gives a great armored look to my lower body.:)
Well I'm glad I helped kantis, no matter how inadvertently...:lol: Didn't Boba's costume entail some type of canvas spat that covered the lace area of the boot? I think mine will be covered by a plate of "armor" as I think my foot armor will be in several plates if I can prod the person to make them for me! And Mando, I'll try and find the url to a guy I get leather from in the spring and fall at a part flea market, part mountain man rendevous. I'll PM it to you, or anyone else once I find it-just let me know if you'd like it. He has about any type of leather you'd want, including many wild species like deer, elk, coyote, and of course traditional leather from cattle etc..I've not looked at his site, but he did have some good "American" leather, although if you can afford it buy leather from Europe. They don't use traditional barb-wire like we do here so there are no scratches and cuts in the leather from the barbs. Thanks for your help guys. Hopefully I'll be able to get better at the whole sewing thing, or find a Star Wars fan who can sew well as a girlfriend like Tack lucked into. I'm just not that darned lucky, so I'll go back to the sewing machine hoping I don't sew me fingers to what project I'm working on...:lol: I definitely would like to see more detailed photos, tutorials, or advice on how your kama was created, or how you plan to make yours in the future. I'd like to start work on a piece of black vinyl today and see what I can make out of it. I know I can make a fairly simple one piece model, but I'd like to try the two piece method, maybe a third decorative piece in the center to cover the area where the two pieces come together. Any suggestions on how to mark the line where you want to cut the vinyl? I thought about using my t-square I used for cutting drywall as it's plenty long enough, and just using it as a straight-edge to cut it straight with an exacto knife...Thoughts?

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