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This weekend I began to make my own toes spikes. It seemed to me this was quite the creative learning experience. I mean there are so many stages ( just like for the jet pack) . I planned on what I was for materials. I planned on what I wanted the spikes to look like and I planned on their durability.
At each stage I had to learn more. I got the first set done and viola they were durable but... The screws were the wrong color so I had to paint screws before I put them in. Then my 2 stage hardner left a grey colored seam so those had to be painted. last ly the metal edges of the bracket needed filed.

here's pics of the production ( mine)

Eventually I had a fett worthy product.
This process was compounded by the fact that I thought I would make a few more sets for TDH members only. As the process wore on I found I had improved my process so much that the ones I was getting rid of were aesthetically better looking than my own.

Not to mention you found you were getting good at making these.

has anyone else had this experience?
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now I am grappling with the concept of how soon before i need a new set of CA boots just because my toes spikes are better. guess that's why everyone says they are always slowly upgrading.
Fine I just had ebay host the pics. but that wasn't really the point the point is what to do when your first ( personal set) is not as good as the stuff you make for others. live with it or get a new set of boots as it were?
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