Making My JETPACK - OMG!!!!


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How else other then the people that have bought a pre-made Jet pack have found this part of the Fett building one of the most time consuming / frustrating thing to do? When I think I am getting a head of working on it.. I get discouraged, and just want to give up... but I keep on tickin' like a Timex, and continue on with the quest.

So I have seen some really awesome scratched made Packs, and I guess what I would like to know is who has some good pointers on building these things... other then to keep it light in weight..

Looking forward to some good pointers from the pros.
Mykull, are you making one from scratch? I have been working on my MB jet pack for some time and do get discouraged as well. I think the trick (or one of many) is to not rush yourself. Set a realistic timeline and DO NOT work on it unless you are into it wholeheartedly.

I was just sanding down the epoxy on the seams of the tanks and the body tonight.
some pointers?...

remind yourself that this a very difficult IS a pain in the rear to build.i have gotten very frustated during the build up process...some swearing was involved...LOL.i have been working on it since may and im ALMOST done. (mind you i have been working at a leisurely pace and working on my days off).take your time and work at your own pace.if you rush it you will make extra work for yourself in the end.i pulled mine apart 3 times before i was satisfied and i took my time.i had an incredibly tough time getting the proportions right.all i have left is the upper rocket section,the vent thingies on the body,glue my tanks in place and peice up the thrusters.i havent decided on a harness so im going to leave the back open and move on to my guants...finally!

i could have saved a lot of time if i would have built a mock up in really was time consuming ripping apart sections that were already glued together, to rebuild it again.if you arent to far in, try sure it will save you some headaches.i wish i would have done it that way.with the mock up you will know its going to look before you begin glueing,cutting and all that fun stuff.

when you you feel overwhelmed and frustrated just stop what you are doing.the jet pack can really take its toll on you.i have worked 6-8 hours straight sometimes to find out its was all wrong!.i cant wait to move on to the "easier" fett parts (if there is such a thing)

good luck!
AMEN! This thing is a pain in my a$$ for sure. I have been working off and on forever. I've thought about giving it up and starting over many times. My husband thought I had until he saw me starting to paint it last night. I figured I'd see how it looks painted. Don't give up, there are those of us in the same sinking boat! Hang in there :)



Lemme know if I can help!!!!

p.s. I just remastered the rocket MUCH more accurate. $70 separtately.
Man, I'm not looking forward to this part of the project! :)
The packs look awesome, but I'm wondering how much the jet pack weighs made out of resin?

Bountys Hunted wrote:

Man, I'm not looking forward to this part of the project! :)
The packs look awesome, but I'm wondering how much the jet pack weighs made out of resin?

I've got an GA arena pack, it is fiber glass and I'm guessing it is about 12-15 lbs done. I havn't started mine yet, but that is what my RA fiberglass pack weighs, so I'm guessing at it weight.
Alot of the weight comes from what you put into the interior and the rocket itself. I think a FINISHED pack might weight 12 lbs, the body itself maybe 6 or 7
Thanks Lynn and Chaucer!


Looking at the fastex buckles on the back, I'm assuming that they connect to a harness. Would it be correct to assume the harness would be worn like a backpack,under the vest?
just do what everyone says and hang in there man, it'll come together. I built my pack in about a month, i constructed it our of some sturdy cardboard stuff, some plastic soda bottles of various sizes...lotsa floral foam, some putty filler stuff and finally about a gallon of paper me and take the time...mine looks like crap.
Hey Mykull,

I found a glade airfreshener than looks like the bottom jets
and another plastic airfreshener that resembles the part with
fins on the missle just below the cone tip.

I too will be starting the jet pack Rotj, i will be making it
out of sintra,pvc piping,and odd plastic shapes. I think
the biggest challenge is dimensions and shapes.

We really need blueprints with measurements, any other info i
will surely pass on.

Oh one last thing the glade airfreshener once you take it apart there are other plastic pieces you can use like a piece
that looks like the piece opposite of the beacan.
Mykull, which pack are you making? Original boba with the rocket or the jango arena pack? I may have some helpful advice for you =)

PM me

just remember the weight matters more than you might think. a 15 pound pack may not seem like much at first but once you wear it for about an hour it will seem like 50.
Could someone please post a pic of a Jet Pack, beside an extended measuring tape. Pleeeeaaazzzeee. Width and Hieght

Please save what hair i have left on my head.....argggg!!!!


fpoato - My pack is 32 1/2" tall, and the width of the body is 16" (that's w/out the side thrusters) To make my pack, I took the scale drawing on pack and used that to make all my measurements. Be sure to size it accordingly. If you're under 6', my pack might be too big, so make it to fit you. Check out my link for the pics of the pack I built.
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