Making gauntlets....


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Making gaunts.... i would like to show u the process of my gauntlet models.
here the left upper part. but its not finished yet.....

Bild 2.jpg

Bild 3.jpg

Bild 4.jpg

Bild 5.jpg
my girlfriend and i use reference pics from the exhibition shots and others i have collected ;)
it was not easy! cause we want find the best size to fit it out...
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Cool work man.
I always thought I would do them as a hard line sculpture, I never thought about doing them out of clay.
I just might change my tactic.
From a fellow sculptor...good job!
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UPDATEs ....

Bleahhh, thank for ur kind words but its far away for any casts.

now the clay needs to dry a bit before making new molds.

Bild 14.jpg

Bild 15.jpg

Bild 16.jpg

Bild 17.jpg
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You have more courage than I do my friend for making those out of clay. Looking good. Keep up the good work and determination!(y)
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well... here a short update. we (me and my girlfriend) have made a plaster cast. cause clay shrinks while it dried.
we could start with fiberglass, but we would destroy the plaster cast to get out the gaunt.
and making a new gaunt with clay ervery time and making plaster clay etc... is to stressfull.
we are searching for any ideas to fix a mold like the plaster cast, or fixing a gaunt ...
oh i forgot to say searching time :lol:


Bild 18.jpg

Bild 19.jpg

Bild 20.jpg
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Here is what you do but it will cost money.
First pour Silicone rubber into the plaster molds and i mean fill them completely.
Once the Silicone has set up remove the solid Silicone positives and don't worry if you have to destroy the plaster (and or Ultracal) in the process.
Now you have 2 Silicone positives.
Flip them on their backs so they look like your original sculptures.
Brush layers of Liquid Latex over both of them to create jackets of rubber. Silicone will not stick to Latex.
Brush enough latex to cover any undercuts and be patient letting each layer dry completely.
Now you can back that with either strips of plaster bandages or Ultracal for support.
When it's all dry flip it over and remove the Silicone positive.
Now you can fiberglass into the Latex mold as many gauntlets as you want.
Remember once you start glassing to use a mold release on the latex.
Keep the silicone positives in a plastic bag in a dark area for creating future molds as the Latex ones wear out.
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They are an awesome self made gauntlets bro!!! I can wait to see one of those finished
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..thank u boba matz,
yes i thought it will cost a lot $

in time we are only working on the left gaunt. reports will be post....
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