Gauntlets Jango fett gauntlet STL file comparison


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I have two sets of 3d print files for the gauntlets that I now have.

I already printed the set on the right and been using them since but while on a troop this year (before the pandemic btw) the right gauntlet one broke and in thinking of reprinting the ones I have or go for the ones on thingiverse.

I have attached a picture of my Jango cosplay from last October just to show the size of them

The set on the right are from pinface
I got them in 2017 as they were the only Jango fett files out there for the gauntlet and I modified them to make them more accurate but kept the scale the same and they fit me good enough well perfect really

The ones of the left are from thingiverse one thing I noticed with these ones. the arm holes look to big and I know you scale to fit your arms but then the darts would not fit in the holes otherwise and theses have small details which my old files dont.

Just wanted to see if anyone could measure there cold cast ones or take pictures of the arm holes so then I know to keep using my old files from pinface or the thingiverse files

Thanks for the advise



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So awesome jangomando! Can you post a clearer picture of your 3D printed gauntlets? Is your armor all 3D printed also?

thanks dude the helmet and gauntlets are 3d printed and the helmet is my own design as well but im redoing it to become more accurate the armour is sintra with rub and rub and the jet pack is foam (updateing that to 3d print soon) all the leatherwork and sewing i did myself as well.
here is a clearer image of the files i used on my build and a picture of them finshed
front of old gauntles.PNG
Screenshot_2020-04-24  geekandcosplay • Instagram photos and videos.png
front of old gauntles.PNG


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I really like em! I ordered Jango from Minute Fett and I hope the gaunts dont end up to big on me. Or I will have to scale and 3d print them. to suit my short stature.