Gauntlets Jango Fett Gauntlets

Dani Fett

New Hunter
Hi mates!

Do you know where can I find the Jango Fett gauntlets in a coldcast, painted and finished version? I've heard about that Cruzer makes them but if I'm not wrong without painting.

Thanks for your help.


Cold Cast does not need to be painted. The cold casting process mixes aluminum powder into the liquid resin and then when the resin cures and hardens, you can buff the surface with some very fine steel wool (0000 grade) under some running cold water, and the aluminum sheen will show (and if you want to go that extra mile, regular aluminum polishing compound will really make it shine). There is no painting required.

Dani Fett

New Hunter
Yes you are right. Looking it well now the only part that it has to be painted is that missile in the left gauntlet.
Then the man for the gauntlets is Cruzer or there are others who can make them?