Making a Start

supa troop

Active Hunter
Reading all these threads about Helmets as inspired me to make a start on my new Lid.

A while ago i built up a lifesize Bust but it needed vast improvements and one of those was changing the Modified DP97

Heres the bust i did (many changes needed i know)


And here is the New Helmet and bits that i will be starting on soon

Forgot to mention i changed the DP97 from their version of ESB (say no more) to ROTJ.

Im really not sure what to style to do the new one in.
Hi Si, whos lid did you go for?

I did my MS in the ESB scheme as I already have the ROTJ (nice to have a change;) ) and personally once done, even though its ALOT more complicated it does look hell of a lot nicer IMO8)

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