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I would like to make my suit as strong and light as possible, so aluminum would be the obvious choice...

Anything anyone could share about the process, etc. Would be much appreciated. :)

Welcome to TDH. You have come to the right place to get answers to all of your Fett related questions. Spend some time looking around and use the search function, and you should find what you are looking for.

With that said, I have a set of 1/8" thick aluminum plate armor that I am very happy with. However, the collar piece of my set was too small for overly muscular and broad shoulders. JK :lol: But really, my collar piece was to small for my frame, so I decided to try my hand some metal work.

I used my existing small collar piece to make a poster board template, which I drew larger, cut out and tested on my chest / shoulder area. I then transfered the template to a piece of 1/8" aluminum plate I picked up from a local metal distributor. I cut the piece out of the plate, and taking a que from American Chopper I bought a pannel beater bag and mallet, which I used to shape the armor. I added the dents using the mallet and a some cold chisles, roughed the surface with my orbital sander, and presto ... collar armor that fits.

I am working on making a back plate from scratch, to match up with my collar armor. I will post some mor pictures as I make some progress.




Search didn't show anything :confused Only reason I posted a new topic...

Anywho thankee for the advice, but keep it coming! One can never be too well prepared...
Very nice work you guys I like it. My entire outfit is made out of aluminum metal as well,only thing is that I use a very different inexpensive technique. The technique I use is as follows: I glue 3 layers of sheet aluminum and by compressing them together to form a nice sturdy piece. Before the patterns dry and cure I begin to shape and mold the pieces by hand ''it easy'' to do at this point. Finally I fold the edges, cut ,file and sand curves and corners to give it the right look.
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Don't want to sound like some mom being a broken record, but be careful. Make sure all of the edges are blunt in case you take a spill.
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