Look at what came in the mail today :)


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All I can say is wow.. along with now what.. lol...

Hats off to the maker

Jango Helm2.jpg
Kivas said:
All I can say is wow.. along with now what.. lol...

Hats off to the maker

That's very nice. Reminds me when I got mine [my gal's actually]...couldn't stop touching it....uh, rubbing it...uh fondl.....nevermind! LOL!

The dremel was as good as an investment as the JD bucket was...(y)
Enjoy the next few months and try to take your time ...
(as hard as that gets :lol: )...
Measure twice, cut once!;)
But enjoy most of all!


JD... your buckets awesome!;)

I will certainly be taking my time :) once the intimidation aspect of the project wears off I will get right at it ... lol.. ;P
I'll tell you what, my JD was the first bucket that I had trimmed and cleaned-up...that thing was awesome! Hands down...GREAT bucket! Nice and thick. Once I trimmed everything I was able to use my Heavy duty laminate file and it was SOLID...perfect line....man I miss that thing...
I've just received my JD bucket !

AMAZING !! JD this is impresive !!! ....
I will post some pictures later of the "step by step" building :)

Jango Uri, I will post pics once I have a chance.. all I have done so far is cut out the visor and keyholes done some touchups and sanding.

I am at the point of deciding what or how to do the rf and stalk. I would l ike to make it moveable.. but ..
I see. You should make a moveable rangefinder. It makes a cooler helmet and also more comfortable when you wear it under your arm.

I know it will be harder, but i´m sure you´ll can find some tricks on these forums.

By the way, I´m about buying a JD helmet. Have you got any rubies helmet? Because if you could make a comparasion picture beetween rubies and JD I would be very pleased

take care
Uri if you're still looking for a comparison pic between a JD and Rubies, I have some?

Keep it looking good Kivas. I too am in the middle of making some mods to my JD bucket(y) .
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