Look at these boots!

Omega Man

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I just saw these boots in a local flyer. These are Canadian prices so it would be about $20.00 USD. I wish i would found these before i finished my boots.



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Do you know the brand name by chance or at least the store that these are being sold? Custom boots are my next project and these look like they would be great.. If it is a chain store maybe my sister's boyfriend in Ottawa can pick me up a pair.. Outstanding Find.



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Oh that would be a killer boot to use from scratch, I went the same route, with a similar type shoe, and they turned out good(for the time I put into them), but that looks like a great boot to use! nice find!


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Boot look nice, can't get into the website to order online or even view their products (other then the department slideshow) do you remember the brand name of the boots?