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Hey folks,
I've been looking for all sorts of liquid mask over the weekend, I've been all over the bay area in the last 72 hours and NOBODY has any. Is there a good online source where I could get some shipped to me ASAP?
- Jorge
Even cheaper and imo better then liquid mask, mustard. Thats right plain old sandwich mustard.

Check out TK409's site and macrobino tutorial for more info.
I'm with LordFett....I actually went back to using mustard, after trying/buying some liquid mask.

It works MUCH better, and is easier to remove when the paint job's finished
If you're still having trouble finding liquid mask online I know that has it.I used to buy it from them when I was heavily into RC for the Lexan bodies.

I've never heard of the mustard thing.....sounds awesome.Doesn't it stain though??? Mustard is notorious for staining everything and being impossible to get out.......I guess this isn't so on plastic/fiberglass,etc.

Thanks for that link, is that kind of mask easy to work with? :) Can you brush it on?

I went the mustard route for my last helmet I didn't really get the results I wanted and I still haven't been able to eat hotdogs, that mustard smell has been embedded into my brain.
I used to use rubber cement, but found that liquid mask is a much better choice. Rubber cement works ok, but if you are doing very small and detailed weathering, rubber cement is too thick. Also, if you are doing a large area with a lot of damage, it can be confusing which areas you masked since rubber cement is practically clear when dry.
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