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A long time ago i had and idea of making the clown mask's from The Dark Knight. So i tried making them with a very very low budget and they turned out way too crappy. I wanted something that was smooth and durable. a year or two passed and i saw a game called Payday the heist had come out and i couldn't stop staring at those mask's they used. It gave me the idea of making the mask from there because they reminded me of the mask's from batman. I realised how bad i failed with the masks i made a while ago and i gave up. Another couple of year's past and Payday 2 came out. I so wanted to have those mask's now, so i googled and googled all i could to find a good quality clay (Oil based), silicone moulding material and resin for casting. After 2-3 attempts i failed once again. The silicone was just way to runny to work with and i had to use a stupid small amount of blue catalyst to start the curing wich took forever. The mother mold i had use plaster for, because i had no interest in buying fiberglass and more resin just to make the mothermold. When i was done with the mold making i took all of the molds off. The plaster mothermold was way to floppy and all the layers of sillicone was so thin that the mold was just not hard enough to work with. I didn't give up and sewed the sillicone around the mothermold. I then casted the mask and it came out too small and way too bended because of the not-so-firm silicone.

I really want to make those mask and i won't give up until i have. I just need HELP!

I live in Europe/ Scandinavia, so i have some questions.

Where can i get silicone that is easier to work with and cures faster ( like something with equal parts A and B)?

What can i use for the mother mold? Do i have to use fiberglass or is there any other way?

Any other tips to make it easier?

ANY pictures, links, videos or comments would help out so very much!

- Me


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I ran across this a few weeks ago. Might give you some help. I am going to try this whenever I get a chance. I think it is part 9 -12

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