Let's talk Jetpack Harnesses

What harness do you use?

  • Accurate Diver's Frame

    Votes: 20 90.9%
  • Other

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Fett 4 Real

Sr Hunter
They used to be expensive. I’m trying to remember who it was, but a member here had metal harnesses for like $300-$400. When I was just starting out, and for a piece that isn’t seen, that was a tough price to swallow and probably why I shied away from it initially. Big Dane harnesses are priced nicely and work perfectly.
Well to be fair that was designed by an engineer and made from Stainless steel. Had strapping sewn and setup to work out of the box. No assembly required. Big Danes does not come that way and isnt stainless.


I have a stainless steel scuba harness that I got a while back. Can't remember who it came from or who made it but I gotta say it's a nice setup. I like the 4 point system cause it seems to distribute the JP weight nicely. I may follow Builder's lead and grab some padded straps cause even thought it doesn't hurt I seem to bruise my shoulders from wearing it. Lol. So I think the pads will help fix this problem.

I have tried a bra strap style harness in the past and it just digs into my armpits and pulls on my shoulders a lot. I wasn't a fan of it so I got the scuba replica. Worth the money in my opinion.


New Hunter
Here are pictures of my camelbak. sorry it took so long.


New Hunter
The rectangular rings are not only accurate, but when paired with the accurate hooks, totally safe! Quick release parachute buckles are a bit too recognizable by the general population.

When put on properly, they are fine. I had someone else put the jetpack on for me twice this weekend. The first time, I think he was the doorman for the convention centre I went to - he did fine. It was okay for most of the day except when I sat down. Second time, my friend hadn't put it on properly and after 2 seconds, it came crashing off and the rocket tip broke off. I wonder if I should stick with the rings or switch. And if I do stick with the rings, whether there is something that can unsure they stay on.

Lord Fett

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It's all I could think of after I failed at bending conduit for the scuba version. But all in all, I find it comfortable and am extremely satisfied with the results.