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Has the GREEN for the Left Ear been determined?

After searching the site for past couple of days I have found the following selections for the Left Ear paint color:

Paint, Testors.com Item Number, (Poster - Date)
RLM 82 Dark Green F505071 (Rogue Studios – 3/22/04)
RLM 71 Dark Green F505056 (lordfett – 11/7/03)
Ger. RLM 62 Green F505302 (mobius – 5/16/04)

Other options on Testors.com are:
RLM 70 Black Green F505055
Ger. RLM 72 Green F505314
Ger. RLM 73 Green F505316
Ger. RLM 80 Olive Green F505322

For anyone that has painted a bucket lately, which color has given you the best result?

Yeah that color is a pain. I seem to have found that it is an Olive mil color of some sort but the German RLM's seemed to contrast better with helmet but are not actually correct perse'.

Thanks for the replies. I will probably go with the RLM 82, but I may buy the Ger. RLM's just to give them a test. I will post any results, once I get some samples to compare.

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