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Thank you for the welcome and your response. I really appreciate it. I'm so new to this, but am glad that you have such a great informational site like this up. I'm hoping to make a close to authentic Zam outfit as I can for Celebration next May in Indianapolis. I look forward to posting with you all! Thanks again!
Im just looking into buying my leather now, i wondered if anyone could post up how much leather approx they needed for each part of the project?

I thought this would be very usefull for people doing the leather parts so they could work out approx the cost and enquire about ordering at different places.

I did try and scroll through some of the threads and found the approx amount used for the belt and vest (thanx for including that Zam I Am) i just wondered if anyone remebered quickly any of the other quantities they used so we could add it to he list :)

Thanx in advance,
Langsuir666 just to let you know, I work for tandy leather factory and if you need leather just let me know what kind. Leather can get expensive, If you want to go through us (Rudy Darth G and I) we can get it for you at around 40-50% off, and we can ship it to you with UPS. Just a little heads up. Thanks!
Oh how kind and generous of you !! I have only looked at one place because unfortunately im in the UK and i think that even if i did get your discount by the time we add shipping on it might work out as expensive? That and its a lot of hassle for anyone to ship things internationally just out of the kindness of their own heart. Its lovely of you to offer though thanks very much!

www.leprevo.co.uk is the site i had a look at being a UK site. I think their leather for the skirt is £3.03 per foot and the white lambskin is about £2.40 off the top of my head, so double that for aprox dollars cost at $6.06 and $4.80

I think its the tools that will end up breaking the bank LOL
Yikes!!! :surprise I thought it was expensive here! There has got to be someplace cheaper than that...keep looking before you spend that kind of money! Have you tried all over the UK? How about mainland Europe?

But... I guess if you do have to spend so much... it won't be "expensive" ... it will be "special" ! ;) Good luck!
Is it really that expensive :( How much would i be looking at if i bought this in the US?

Another reason to hate living in the UK!!! Its only just bearable with Celebration Europe coming this year, if we didnt have that id be outta here hahaha!!!
Y'know I bought mine over such a long time period and soooo long ago, I couldn't tell you what I paid now... However, when you add in the shipping costs to the UK I don't know if if would really make that much of a difference. Ask 99centTaco for a quote on what he can get for you - add in the shipping then compare it to what you'd pay in the UK. Really it is the only way to know.

I tell you... Zam ain't a cheap costume! :lol:
99centTaco has just sent me a quote :) Very kind and quick too!!!! Ive just mailed 3 or so other UK leather suppliers aswell. Im slowly working out this is a pig of a costume $$$ wise lol!!! We just paid $170 for some second hand worn in Pradas that werent even 100% accurate its just the sole LOL :( :(

Whats that song go like ... if i was a rich girl ... lalalalalalalalala lala la laaaa ;)
Just to let you know that our price is going to be lower considering that we can get most of if not all your leather items in one shot. Not to mention that the quote the Taco sent you is going to be at our price not the retail or the club price. We just want to give a little help to our kind of scum. (y)


Rudy G.
For those who were asking about the leather that I sell in my store, for all the different types, we have odd lots, suede, velvet suede, oil tans, veg tan, deer, and more, as well as dyes and finishes. We are very happy to help all of you. Here are pics of the leather in the store
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Just wanted to add another resource ... Vogue Fabrics now has leather pelts - pre-dyed ones, ranging from 3.5 to 6 square feet, leather/suede. Two of the colors might be of interest to the Zammers out there though ...

Dusty Lavender



I just bought one of the dusty lavender ones... figuring I could make something with it, if not use if for the the Zam (I like the color anyway and for $13 ;) ) - so I'll let you know how it turns out! :D I've ordered fabric many times from Vogue Fabrics and have never been disappointed! *crosses fingers!*
I just shared this list with a fellow zammer so I thought what the hay I should post it here too :)

This is what we use for our stuff

* Shin guards, chest armor, boots, gauntlets:
sheepskin skiver 14.5 sq. feet

* Vest, cummerbund, gloves:
Garment pigskin white 29.7 sq. feet

* Laces and top layer of belly leather:
Petite tooling calf 6.8 sq feet

* Skirt, Holster, Helmet:
Tooling cowhide premium import 6-7 oz 18.75 sq ft.

Feibings dye 4 oz bottles:
Med brown #121
Navy blue
Fiebings deglazer for painting boots
Brown nu-life leather paint for painting boots
Feibings resolene 4oz for sealing leather
Feibings solvent 32 oz for diluting dye
Fels Naptha soap : (found at grocery store for washing vest leather before sewing and dying. Use a cheese grater and grate a 1/4 cup of the bar into your washing machine on cold. After washing the leather, pin it to a piece of plywood and stretch it a bit to let it dry stretched so it won't stretch during and after sewing.)

I cut 16 laces at 80" lengths for the skirt not counting the smaller laces for the vest and greeblies.
I got the leather in yesterday and it's a bit darker than I thought it would be, though it is the right tone. (It is from Italy and dry-cleanable! :D !) I might end up using it on my chest armor, as I don't have enough of the sheepskin skiver left to do the whole thing, and it's thin enough to use for that ... I dunno.

I'll get a pic up this weekend with a comparison shot or two.
Moncal, what oz weight are you using for the vest? You went pigskin garment white, so I am assuming 1 1/2-2 oz. That is approximately the same as the sheepskin leather that I got. Do you find that washing the leather makes it firmer? I wish I could "feel" your vest to get an idea. I am debating in my head, whether to see if I could just wash a sheepskin leather and see if it gets firmer so as to not stretch so much when installing the hose connectors et. al.

I think your skirt, holster, and helmet brim calculations are wrong in amount. You might want to re-add. I have 18 sq feet for the skirt alone. Are you talking about the strips for the holster? only? Cause, the holster has three layers and I think two of the layers are petite tooling calf, the other is the skirt material. Geez, it's been years.
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I'm no expert but I thought pigskin only came in suede, not smooth like lambskin, which is why I would think her vest would be lambskin.
We used lambskin the first time around. It's been discontinued so we got the pigskin. The lambskin had more of a sealed finish so it was tough to get it to dye but the pigskin seems like it will take the dye better .... haven't tried yet and yes it's the same thickness.

Washing it and stretching it while drying will get the stretch out before it's sewn so it won't stretch later.

Actually my figures are probably too much for the skirt material because I already cut everything out and I've also made 3 holsters from that hide... that's just a list right off of my tandy receipt.

infact I just took some pictures of a members' holster yesterday:





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