krewkid82's ESB W.I.P./501st shenanigans(BH-42090)


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Hello TDH,

This post will be about me and my journey to becoming a Fett. I will be documenting my first W.I.P. for an entry level ESB Boba Fett. I plan to join the ranks of the 501st Legion and then slowly progress to a higher ranking level Fett later on down the road. I’ve been researching, buying parts, researching some more, buying more parts, hiring painting services, ordering more parts. I think I have everything either bought, on order, on the way, or parts/services I still need to order. I want to thank everyone here on the TDH for all the support, information, parts, services, and encouraging words.

A couple of people I want to single out for helping me the most is;

Art Andrews (Thank you for your inspiring words)

AFFO$ (For supplying me with a helmet and your amazing painting services on my suit!)

MMcfett (For being an absolute joy to work with and who has helped me immensely in getting started)

R4ZORBL4DES (For supplying me with the base of this whole suit)

Emperor Fett(For suppling those sexy boots)

White Shadow (I cant forget you because you were my very first purchase here on the TDH. The rubber foam inlays are super sweet!)

JC-27(Thanks for the light kit!)

Mike M(Your gloves are awesome!!)

Pucksdown(For doing such an amazing on 3-D printing and the paint job for the jetpack)

Full Metal Fett(your hooks and clips are sweet!)

Machine Craft Replicas(Thanks for all the metal parts!)

Bobasdent1138(Thank you for the pulce 40 blaster and nemrod holster!)

Parts list:

Helmet: Animefan/AFFO$
Painted and weathered by AFFO$ (Received)

Foam Helmet Liner: White Shadow (Received, Installed)

Helmet Fans: Etsy/Troopertronix (Received, Installed)

Range finder light kit: JC27 (Received, Installed)

Wireless helmet rangefinder servo: BH-51512 (Still need to order, *not needed for 501st approval)

Flight Suit, vest, neckseal, and side pouch saddlebags :Arkady/R4ZORBL4DES (Received, Tailored to fit me, First pass of weathering completed; more to come)

Balaclava: Etsy/CrochetandMorebyGigi Received; (*I will only use it for the authenticity for the 501st pictures)

Armor: RKD/MMcFett (received, painted and weathered by AFFO$)

Cape: Woodman/MMcfett (Received)

Girth Belt: Woodman/R4ZORBL4DES (Received)

Ammo Belt: Delta13/R4ZORBL4DES (Received)

Chest lights: Hotpockets/MMcfett (Received)

Wookie Braids: Woodman/MMcfett (Received, Sown to the vest)

Boots: Emperor Fett (Received, Painted and weathered by Emperor Fett)

Gloves: Mike M (Received)

Jetpack: Pucksdown
(Received, 3D Printed and Painted by Pucksdown)

Jetpack clips and hooks: Full Metal Fett (Received, Installed)

Jet pack Harness: Ebay/Jimmybyron(Received)

Divers buckle: Full Metal Fett (Received, Installed)

Patterson shin tools: MMcfett (Received, Cut,Trimmed, painted, and weathered by me)

Metal shin tool parts: Machine Craft Replicas (Received)

Nemrod Holster: Bobasdent1138 (Received, Needs a little repair)

Pulce 40: Bobasdent1138 (Received, Painted and Weathered by AFFO$)

EE3: Etsy/3ddelight (Received, Painted and Weathered by AFFO$)

EE3 Strap: Diny Djarin (Received, Installed by AFFO$)

I think that this is everything. If I am missing anything please let me know. I know I will need other small things that I need to pick up here and there but hopefully that's all of the main stuff. Once again thank you everyone! I will get pictures up once things start arriving.
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First thing is first. Print out the CRL manual lol.
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Well happy birthday to me!! All of my soft goods, cape, braids, and chest lights came in the mail. I did a quick try on using my stand-in bucket and the help of my wife. Definitely gonna need to do a hemming and fitting on all of these soft parts lol. I'm a small guy compared to you R4ZORBL4DES hahaha. Thank you for the Cape, braids, and chest lights MMcfett! I'm super excited to have everything coming together! I can't wait to receive the nemrod holster and pulse 40 from Boba'sdent1138! You guys are the best!!
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Thank you keegan! I couldnt have done it without everyone here on the TDH! Suit I took my flight suit, vest, and neck seal to my local tailor to get fitted and hemmed. It cost a good amount and she said it would take about a month to finish. Damn kids with there proms and people with there weddings! Lol jk I have learned Boba fett is not a race.


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Thanks rubio95! It's super exciting...this is going to be an epic journey. I'm glad I can share it with everyone here on the TDH and any feedback is much appreciated! This is the way!


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Lol thanks Micheal! I can't wait to get my soft goods back from the tailor so I can weather them. Hopefully this weekend will be some nice weather that way I can paint my boots and pulse 40!


Yeah these winter months kinda suck when your trying to paint. I have a little setup in the basement right now to get some painting done, but idk what I’d do without it!


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We don't have basements in Texas lol I guess I could paint in the garage. Idk though my wife would kill me I'm sure!:lol:


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Pucksdown's jet pack arrived today!! This thing is so light!!! It was 3-D printed and painted by him...the only things I will change is I will be purchasing all the jet pack metal greeblies including Full Metal Fett's metal hooks and clips. I was a little nervous to hook the jet pack on my harness with those 3-D printed clips. I think it looks pretty good though especially the size and paint job...Thank you so much Pucks!!