KOTOR-era Bucket?

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I'm currently working on a KOTOR-era Mando suit, and am lost on the helmet. I dont have the money for vacuum-forming, so are there any tips that you guys may have?

Also, I want to customize it so the face plate (the little round part with the t-visor) can slide to the top or back of my head. Any and all help will be appreciated :)
I am making a full Mandalore suit for a friend. Use a batting helmet (or something similar) for the dome, then cut a front and back piece for the helmet. If you look at the design, it's a 3 piece helmet and almost looks designed with sintra in mind. I've got the templates for it in AutoCAD. As for sliding, that would be tough. (unless of course you mount a whole swack of really strong magnets on the helmet so you can slide the face place whereever you want it. Not sure what that would do to the brain waves though) :lol:
This is a screen from the wikipedia


But I assume you're making one like this?


wish I could find a better pic.
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Dreadmel, the second pic is definately what Im going for (albeit with a different color scheme). I havent seen any other person make a costume like that, though, and I figured it's about time that someone did.

EDIT: found a semi-high quality picture
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Hello, haven't posted here in a while.

While at first glance the Neo Crusader helmet does resemble a Royal Guard helmet (indeed, EU states that it was an inspiration in the designing process for the Royal Guard helmet), the two are actually far more different than they seem. If you look at the way the two sit on the head, the whole shape is wrong.

We debated this a bit on the HVM forum a while ago, and a picture there posted by Resilient Spider there says it best.
I plan on getting some of the new Knights of the Old Republic Comics. It takes place 8 years before the game. The Mandalorian armies are on the war path and that kind of stuff. The Mandalorians they have in those comics are different though. I'll see if I can get some pictures.
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