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Hi, I have mandalorian blueprint-knee pads and no idea how to build the blocky things on the side. What are you guys using to recreate them? :confused

Has someone a tutorial?

Thank you!
I made a mold in sculpy and baked it as a base, then made a reverse mold and baked it. It is very hard and you could probubly use just that, but if you bang your knee on something it will shatter.

I plan on pouring a reverse mold out of resin fiberglass then screwing it from the inside of my knees which are metal, and dressing them up with bondo.

Dunno if its gonna work. The bigger question for me is ,what to make the knee darts out of.

cal196 wrote:


MDF is a fine textures particle board. You can get it cheap at Home Depot.

**IMPORTANT** You need to predrill the holes if you are screwing the blocks on. If you don't, you'll end up splitting the wood.

Jodo_Kast wrote:

cal196 wrote:

**IMPORTANT** You need to predrill the holes if you are screwing the blocks on. If you don't, you'll end up splitting the wood.

Nothing else remains to be done. I don't have practical knowledge with wood. I will be careful...

Can I use primer straight out of the can or should I use
something else?

Watch out for this stuff, its HIGHLY carcinogenic (ie can lead to cancer).
I'm about to shape out my knee pads out of plastic. As for the darts i'm going to get some darts and cut them down then i'll take out the needle then i have darts for my knee pads but not fully in accuracy but they'll do my suits my custom mandalorian after all.

I'm making most of my armor out of PVC plastic its sort of like sintra practically is but in a form of a bucket. I followed the budget armor material idea from a topic i once saw around here.
I thought of using the little rubber bracket at the bottom of a car battery, maybe thatll work im not sure and then on to the paint gotta find that too good luck hope you find a solution
I did it the hard made a clay sculpt on a flat sintra knee shape,then molded it in r.t.v.(room temp. vulcanising)silicone,and now I have more knee blocks than they simply screw onto the kneepads.
I'm in the middle of molding the whole thing,with kneeblocks already on the main cast,and then add the darts.
I'm very well set up for this kind of thing,but I know most folks aren't,so it's a case of "whatever works,works".
I know I had a hard time with the knees,trying to use any "found" objects for the blocks,so in the end I just bit the bullet,and sculpted it up.'s a tip.........attach your darts with to the h/ware store(a well stocked one!)and buy a long spring to cut down,or shorter springs.
Glue one end into the knee blocks,and one end to a hole in the darts...........We use the same technique with jet pack missiles.........So,when you get knocked or bumped..."Boing",is what you hear,not "snap"!
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