Keep the Dust Off of your Paint job!


I just thought of something. I was thinking about how to keep all the dust off my helmet when I eventually will paint it because all I have is a dusty apartment garage, I thought of making a cube-shaped frame and then surrounding it with plastic. But what about air flow? then I thought:

What about buying 5 cheap furnace Air Filters and making cube out of them and placing it over the bucket?
Allow air flow, and keep the smallest particles out. Anyone else thought of this?
I'd like that info too if you don't mind...I need a way that I can paint somewhere over the winters as I haven't gotten anything done in months-well nothing really drastic as most of my projects were held up by my not being able to paint indoors all winter...Sucked!

I said I would post pics of my paint booth in another thread, but I can't find that one now so I will post here. This works great and now the Wife doesn't complain about the smell of paint and other stuff anymore. The small box on top has a fan like the one pictured in it that does all the work. I was lucky and got the fan for $35( off E-bay) , the plywood for free, and the rest of the material was about $25 so for $60 and about 4 hour I was able to make a killer paint booth.



I've often entertained the purchase of a cheap tent off of eBay. If you have the shop space.

Also, one of those rotary tabletop dollies where you place food on it, and you can rotate it so other family members can get to it -- that would allow you to stay at the entrance of the tent and simply rotate the helmet into position to be sprayed.
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