Just finished a set of BOBAMAKER Armour!


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Finished set of BOBAMAKER Armour! UPDATED 011107!

Hi all! It's been far too looooong since I posted any of my work here but I figured better late then never!:)

As some of you might know I finished up Daz new ESB helmet a couple of months ago but I also got the job to paint up he's new armour. To be honest I found this quite exciting since I never painted a Boba armour before. Daz wanted me to match the armour to the ROTJ armour displayed at the AOSW exhibit. I did my best to get it as true to the original costume as I could. I still need to do the back, cod and collar but here's some pics of what's been finished so far. The colors used are the ones sugested by Lee, a big thanks goes out to Lynn for helpng me secure the ones I couldn't find here in Sweden. I hope you like it!







UPDATED: 011107.

Here's the last pieces, finished two days ago. I had to do some guessing on the weathering patterns on the back since I didn't have any ref pics which covered it.





Thanks for looking,

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That armor is not good enough for Daz. You should try and paint him another set. Send this set to me and I will dispose of it properly. :lol: j/k That has got to be the best armor I have seen yet. How do you get the paint to look so smooth. Truely awesome:cheers
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