anywhere but SFP! :moon

anyway, there are a few members who make nice jumpsuits.
I'll give them a chance to speak up.

But seriously, stay clear of starfortress.
you'll be happy you did.(y)
If any of the makers could send me a PM of what kind and color of cloth they use to make theirs I can find a pattern. Unless they are willing to sell me one made... ;)

You can always buy some fabric and dye it. I bought a lavendar color fabric and added 1/2 part black dye and 1/2 part denim blue dye, and also on another I just used the 1 part denim blue dye. Im torn between which one to go with :confused :facepalm. Just make sure that if and when you buy some fabric (I got mine for $2 a yard) to buy a 1/2 yard extra to experiment with the different mixtures of dye.

Dying fabric, would be a last resort for me - My dying skills=very problematic. What about the fabric itself? Anyone know what the type was? Twill, etc...
So, no one has any idea what type of fabric the Jumpsuit was made from? Well I guess I can make it out of anything then.
Quite honestly, most people get a light blue or dark blue cotton duck/broadcloth and go from there with the dyeing. Most off-the-self jumpsuit/coverall is made of the same fabric. Its like a light jeans fabric.
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