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anywhere but SFP! :moon

anyway, there are a few members who make nice jumpsuits.
I'll give them a chance to speak up.

But seriously, stay clear of starfortress.
you'll be happy you did.(y)


If any of the makers could send me a PM of what kind and color of cloth they use to make theirs I can find a pattern. Unless they are willing to sell me one made... ;)



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You can always buy some fabric and dye it. I bought a lavendar color fabric and added 1/2 part black dye and 1/2 part denim blue dye, and also on another I just used the 1 part denim blue dye. Im torn between which one to go with :confused :facepalm. Just make sure that if and when you buy some fabric (I got mine for $2 a yard) to buy a 1/2 yard extra to experiment with the different mixtures of dye.



Dying fabric, would be a last resort for me - My dying skills=very problematic. What about the fabric itself? Anyone know what the type was? Twill, etc...


Quite honestly, most people get a light blue or dark blue cotton duck/broadcloth and go from there with the dyeing. Most off-the-self jumpsuit/coverall is made of the same fabric. Its like a light jeans fabric.