Flight Suit Jango Jumpsuit color help


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IMG_4821.JPG IMG_4822.JPG Hi Guys. Can anyone help me with what color RIT liquid should I die this again to get the correct or better blueish-purple then I have now??. Thanks, Jeff


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Good looking suit man!
Looks quite dark in the pics, and it's a pretty hard color to get perfect. If you can lighten it up to re-dye it, I'd email RIT along with a color sample of what you're looking for. They should be able to give you a mix combo that will work for you. Good luck man!


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Yeah it looks a bit dark in those pics. I would definitely tone it down some. You can use some of the dye remover to light it. I would take it down a few shades and then use a bleach solution to weather it. This all depends on the type of fabric your flight suit is made of also....if it is 100% cotton things are easier.

The mix I have always used is one box of light blue, to about a half box of purple, with a half box of pearl gray.......all mixed into a boiling water bucket. I just keep tweaking it until I am about happy. Then I take a mist bottle of a 10% bleach solution and mist it over the flight suit. I start off testing it on the back of the flight suit since that is going to be hidden, then work my way out from there. Then when it is about right I toss it in the wash to make the bleach stop working...........then take it out dry it, inspect it and see if I need more adjustment.

Your kit is looking good though, keep up the hard work.


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Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it. And Mullreel I think I am going to try the light blue and maybe the pearl.
Again Thanks. Jeff


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I went from a light gray to a "blurple" with 3 bottles of blue LIQUID dye and 2 bottles of purple. Don't dye colors separately when using any sort of dye.