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Im Gabriel form evolution ... after a time i decide make a run here on the forum ... there are great people here who help me in many times ... and hear in some time that the EBay prices are high on some stuff`s ... i start a run (if any is intersting) on Jango Jumpsuit , totally tailored and handmake in 8 onz. Gabardine (like the real) ... if any is intersting you can send a PM ... i take Paypal, the construction takes 10/15 days and i send by airmail post service .-

The price is $ 100 plus shipping , depending your location (USA or America $ 20 / Europe and Rest of the World $ 24)

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From the pics it looks like a really good jumpsuit for the price.
However, you do have the outer sleeve hem detail wrong. The hem should be a single hem line only and not multiple like the Boba style.
I'd also be interested in seeing up close pics of the hem line that runs up and down the sleeves...both front and back.(y)

Let me see if I can find a good ref. pic.


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Same as the above have mentioned, fix the details. You want your product to be top of the line not a close second.
With the corrections, I would be interested. That is a good price.

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heck for $100 I might buy one just to have an extra. I saw the triple stitch on their auctions but didnt want to say anything unless I was buying. I think the second sleeve should be a little shorter too.
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The sleeve appear to long because the suit is large for the manequin but i asure that it`s ok ... remember that each suit is tailored