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Hi...sorry for the new user post and apologize if its in the wrong place,I did do a search but didnt find the answer to my questions...so here goes.

I picked up 3 jumpsuits at a local flea market (boba fett style) 2 to wear,one to cut up for whatever extra is needed( pockets,etc.) all are long sleeve

The vest for my armor is vinyl (hey,Im just starting out) but what is the extra shirt called between the suit and vest? or is it called anything or just the way some jumpsuits are made....meaning short sleeve with a long sleeve shirt underneath...any help would be greatly appreciated. :wacko

Best way to describe it i guess is that the jumpsuit has double sleeves. It a short sleeve with a long sleeve sewn inside of the short one.

If you do a search for jumpsuit i'm sure you will find pics of the suits for reference.
The search function is great. You can find tons of information and pics.
There are also many friendly people on the board to help as well.

Welcome to TDH by the way. :)

indeed... the jumpsuit has 2 sleeves... uhm... that means 4 in total and you have to sew them together at the shoulder, not at the end of the short sleeve, otherwise your hoses won't be able to go inside and attach to whatever system you prefer to connect them. :)
Someone else thought the same as me for once, You know, Ive been here a for a while, and just last week I found out that the Jumpsuit was double sleeved, I got a dress shirt for $10 (?) at Wal-Mart, cut it off like a cropped off shirt, and used the extreme ammount of waist to make my neckseal, and it worked out great.
Thanks to all of you that have replied with information.This site within itself has been more than resourceful for even things I had never thought of.

Buying another shirt and cutting it for sleeves had occured to me,but not sure if I will find a matching (color/faded) shirt.The jumpsuits I got are used and it shows,which I thought was good because the suit needs to be beat up looking.

Thanks again!
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