Boba “Fresh” WIP


New Hunter
Hello fellow hunters.
I am currently trooping as my favorite version of the greatest bounty hunter - the ROTJ Boba Fett.
I have decided to start building the Boba Fett costume from the last episode of the Mandalorian -season 2.
I believe some are referring to him lovingly as “Boba Fresh”, so that’s what I will call it for the time being.
I have already started collecting and creating some of the parts that are hopefully close if not exact.
I will be mirroring this WIP on my local garrison forum as well.
So far, I have gathered the boots that are believed to be closest to screen used. They are made by Nortiv 8. I still need to make the gators, which I have already gathered material for.
Also, I have received the harem style pants. I got these from an online retailer called SHEIN. They look and feel pretty decent and should work for now, until more info is gathered.
The black turtleneck undershirt came from an ebay seller, new from China. And as I should have expected is a bit small and tight fitting even though I bought what they are calling extra large. It will have to do for now.
I got the rope for the girth belt from Pet hardware website and I am currently sewing it all together.
As of right now, I am using parts from my ROTJ suit as a placeholder until I can find or make the new versions. Namely: the flak vest, chest, back and knee armor.
The helmet is not my ROTJ one. It’s just the Black Series one. I will be getting the correct one, once a correct one has been certified.
So here is my mock-up so far. So much more to go, but you have to start somewhere. ;)


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