Jumpsuit question


Hi everybody im just ready to make the plunge into gettin my jumpsuit.

I am really considering going to Skygunbro for it.

I have a quick question however, I am going for a SE fett cause I have done my helmet already in ESB and i have done my gauntlets ROTJ red style.

Upon my endless research of lookin at fett pics i have stumbled upon a few pics of a fett that i dont know what version it is maybe some body could shed some light on.

I noticed this first on a book cover called Attack of the clones Pursuit with boba on the cover, He has an ESB helmet, ROTJ gauntlets and a grey suit.


What version of boba fett is this? And also i noticed in some of the pics in TK409's site he is wearing also the grey suit with ROTJ gauntlets and ESB helm.

Is that the ESB suit? or a different color entirely?

I really like this combination of colors on the fett, so i am kinda leanin toward gettin that color.

Also anybody know if skygunbro would carry this kind of suit?

thanks everybody for your help

I think you will find a great many of us with this version of Boba, which was used in the new shots filmed for the SE version of ROTJ. You said it yourself, it's a grey ROTJ suit with an ESB helmet, that's it. There's a lot of great reference photos out there for this particular suit.
I thought that the SE fett was the Fett on the home page here of TDH the one with the ESB helm and the tan ROTJ suit with red gauntlets?

What about that grey suit that TK409 is wearing and the one on the cover of that book?
The SE Boba is wearing the ROTJ helmet, not ESB.

slave1pilot said:
The SE Boba is wearing the ROTJ helmet, not ESB.

woah woah woah.....

if the SE boba fett is wearing a ROTJ helmet, then it's just the ROTJ fett.

i thought the whole difference was having the ESB helmet and everything else ROTJ.

i thought i've seen this mentioned quite a few times elsewhere....


Those are all good questions, and I am waiting for somone to chime in with an answer. On a side note, I ordered my ROTJ suit from SG. Superb suit, and outstanding attention to detail. My suit came with a light cream/tan vest. I don't see to many folks wearing this color. I see them with the light grey. I think I am going to wear it though. I want to be a little different than all the others out there, but not enough to look tacky.
bigsexyc420 said:
But what version is the SE fett when he has a grey suit?
SE ROTJ fottage in Jabba's Palace. This is the suit that is on display in the AOSW exibit. ROTJ suit, armor, gtauntlets, blaster, etc., with ESB helmet.

Like hansoloway said, a very popular version of Boba here at TDH. There is lots of reference material for this suit/helmet combo, and IMO its the best looking Boba.


BTW, you can't go wrong with a SGB jumpsuit. (y)
bigsexyc420 said:
I thought that the SE fett was the Fett on the home page here of TDH the one with the ESB helm and the tan ROTJ suit with red gauntlets?
Home page Fett is Got Maul, and he has a grey suit not tan.

bigsexyc420 said:
What about that grey suit that TK409 is wearing and the one on the cover of that book?
Like Got Maul, TK409 has the same SE Fett. ROTJ suit with ESB helmet.
for some reason the pic on the link i posted compared to GotMaul's on the homepage look different.

GM on the homepage looks alot lighter than the one on the book cover i posted.

Which one is the Fett on the book i posted?
The one on the book cover is an ESB bucket with everything else in ROTJ- to get a correct ROTJ you need the lid weathering different, silver earcaps, red gauntlets and the jumpsuit is a blue/grey. Also the spats are on this version, along with the built up blaster(the one on the book cover). The kill stripes on the lid are an orangy red as opposed to yellow on the ESB version. I hope this helps, I have studied my dvds for ages and to the best of my knowledge, judging by the movies, this info is correct!!
So what about in this pic of TK409 I notice that he is wearing an ESB helm, ROTJ gauntlets but his jumpsuit is a darker grey than the SE fett that Got Maul is wearing in the homepage. If i were to get a jumpsuit like this one in TK409's pic what color should i say it is or better yet what version jumpsuit is it? Cause i know that the SE and ROTJ suits are lighter than this one. So does this make it a SE fett but with ESB helm and ESB jumpsuit?

Maybe 409 can confirm but if I remember correctly the suit he's wearing in THAT pic is the "new" version of a Star fortress Productions ROTJ Jumpsuit

it's actually lighter then it looks, if you look at the difference in color on his upper arms just below the shoulder Bell ( looks dark grey) , but in the light (like on his hip pouches) it looks light grey. Thats just a lighting thing, 10 people could take pic's of the same jumpsuit and they could look all different because of different lighting and or flash of the camera, or natural light ect...

His costume is meant to represent the SE Fett - ROTJ parts/ESB helmet
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