jumpsuit pocket question

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ok, quick question. in all the pitcures i see, i notice the big pockets on fett's legs have a square shape to them. my jumpsuit has the pockets on the legs but they are flat like any other pocket...how do u make it so the pockets have that square boxy shape.


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Just fill them up so they look the way you want them. I've heard of people sculpting the shape out of styrofoam and putting it in the pocket, or you can keep your microphone speakers in there.


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I got some white drummy foam, put a plastic bag around them, so when it breaks it will still fill my pocket equally, taped it together, then got a piece of black cloth, tape that on the top, and now you can't see them even when the flap of the pockets move a little... looks stupid if you can see white foam or the colour of a plastic marketing bag in there ey... :)


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You know ... you could fill a baggie with that liquid foam insulation. it will expand and fill the bag and when sealed, it would harden. I may do this tonight.
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