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Hi guys...its been a while, but I finally am getting some time to work on my ESB Fett. Most important is that I've finally got the ball rolling on having my jumpsuit made.

That being said, there is a detail on the suit that I am hoping those "in the know" can answer. What is the correct configuration for the fake fabric "belt" on the jumpsuit....the detail on the jumpsuit mid-torso? I've been scouring over the reference pics and the only pics I can find that even show this detail are of the Prepro suit, mainly because the model was so tall. It basically has a double stitch with a slight V taper. The Marmit Fett figure jumpsuit also has this style as well.

Seems that most of the jumpsuit vendors make them with a wide "belt", some with three rows of stitching. I was just wondering, for the ESB, which is more accurate. I'm inclined to say the small double stitch with V taper, but if someone has a good pic that would know for sure, I'd love to get this detail right. A PM would be fine! :)

Thanks! Rob
Could you post a picture of the area you're talking about? I think I know what you mean, but a pic. of the area will help. Sometimes the words are more easily deciphered with a diagram :)

Steve (y)
The picture I have is too large for wackychimps hosting service. I can email it to you if you can post it. Basically I am asking about the jumpsuit detail around the waist. PM your email addy and I'll send you the pic.

BTW....thanks for posting a reply, all I kept hearing were crickets. :)
bobasfett said:
The picture I have is too large for wackychimps hosting service.

A simple fix is to open the picture in Windows Paint, and click Image, then Stretch/Skew. Resize the image by percentage, save as a jpg, then try re-hosting the image.

If you're using Mac, then I have no idea.
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